U’re Safe

This module will be released late 2019
1,200+ trained pilots through to enterprise teams

U’re Safe

The “U’re Safe” module helps to you, your drones and your organisation safe. This module is currently being developed and will be released in Beta in mid 2019. The absolute key to the safety of an aviator or an aviation organisation is ensuring that safety matters are handled in a fair manner (“no blame”), where lessons can be learned and processes improved.
Ure safe



We are a regulator-approved provider of drone training (theory and practical) (NZ, Australia, USA). Be cautious of other training providers unless they are Part 141 approved- else your training may not count!


We will register you success with the regulator and, if you want, the insurer. This helps to protect you if something goes wrong with your flying and you are held accountable.


Your safety is our priority and our integrated systems will become part of your daily routines to ensure that everything is right before flight.


We help you keep track of the current rules, hardware updates, your recent flying and your safety status. Tracking is essential for safe operations.